Lallier Champagne Brut R016
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Acidity :
Tannin :
Body :
Length :
Food & Wine:
> aperitif
> ham Slats
> very dry goat
> prawns
> tamara
> smoked salmon
> plateau de fruits de mer
> fish tartare
> sushi
> red fruit desserts

Lallier Champagne Brut R016

Grape variety44% chardonnay et 56% pinot noir
Visual aspectWith her golden dress? E and shiny, it enchants our eyes while his gentle effervescence hypnotizes us.
Odor characteristicSubtle notes of fresh fruit, citrus and honey form a e? Ventail aro? My will? Duisants by their righteousness and their age? Not? Erosity ?. They delight the nose.
Taste attributesThe mouth is greedy, structure? E but all spawning? Cheur to ensure harmony and price reduction.
Type of terroirAvize, Cramant, Oger, Ay, Verzenay, Bouzy, Ambonnay
Operating temperature12°
Dosage7 g/l
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Domain description :

The wine vocation of Ay dates from Roman times, there are nearly 1700 years. In the sixteenth century, Henry IV "Sire of Aÿ and wine" ensures Fame clear wines of Ay, not sparkling, through its two royaume.Environ hundred years later, the invention of the assembly of different raw and control of the secondary fermentation allow the creation of Champagne, sparkling wine bottle as such we know it today.

Description of the appellation :

The region lies on the departments of Aube and Marne and mainly extends slightly in Seine-et-Marne, Haute-Marne and Aisne. The vines are planted on chalky soil, rich in minerals principles which offers a lot of finesse to the wines of Champagne. The term is divided into four: the Marne Valley, the Mountain of Reims, the vineyards of the Aube and the Côte des Blancs. This single term covers a variety of champagnes. It promotes the white wines and rosé sparkling but still offers white white (including single grape variety is Chardonnay) white black (pinot noir, pinot meunier or a blend of both), and made white an assembly of these three varieties. The assay determines the type of champagne extra dry, semi-dry, rough or smooth. These wines also differ according to whether they are vintage or not. The prestige cuvées and special vintages gather all types and store in the upscale category.

Description of the region :

The Champagne vineyards cover the departments of Aube, Marne, Aisne and some towns of Haute-Marne and Seine-et-Marne. 70% of the vineyards of the wine region of Champagne is in the Marne, 40% in the Haute-Marne and Aube and the remaining 10% are located in Seine-et-Marne and Aisne. In the Marne, the vineyards are at an altitude between 120 and 180 m on the exposed slopes of the back of the Côte de Champagne Coast of the Island of France and Côte Bar.Dans of Dawn the vines are at an altitude of between 170 and 300 m, the hills into the valleys of the Vesle, Seine, Marne and Aube.