Rolly-Gassmann Alsace Ou Vin D'Alsace Pinot Noir 2016
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Acidity :
Tannin :
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Length :
Food & Wine:
> delicatessen
> white meat
> Alsatian sauerkraut garnished
> Spareribs
> Bolognese lasagna
> Mushroom omelette
> Risotto with porcini mushrooms
> Red tuna tartare
> White meat
> Carbonade to flamende

Rolly-Gassmann Alsace Pinot Noir 2016

Appellationalsace ou vin d'Alsace
Grape varietyPinot noir.
Visual aspectBeautiful red dress.
Odor characteristicA fruit nose.
Taste attributesA wine with light tannins.
Type of terroirClay and limestone.
Breeding containerIn vats.
Operating temperature13°
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Domain description :

winery located in Alsace.

Description of the appellation :

The Alsace wine region produces mainly dry white wines (which represent 80% of production), with fruity aromas and floral. The wine is mostly lightning (large oval barrel whose greatness removes woody aromas). Most wines are made from a single grape variety. However, some great wines come from assembly, such as Altenberg and Kaefferkopf. The Alsaces "Selection de Grains Nobles" and "late harvest" are recognized in 1984. These are sweet wines from overripe grape harvest and produce strictly. The region of Alsace has 51 great wines from vineyards delimited by geological and climatic characteristics. They correspond to strict criteria development and production (eg handpicking and limiting yields). In France, Alsace is the first producing region of sparkling wines.

Description of the region :

Renowned for its white wines, Alsace offers great wines of Gewurztaminer and Riesling. Its excellent terroir can produce exceptional wines. The vineyards extend over 15,600 hectares classified as AOC-PDO. These are based on soils composed of gneiss, granite, sandstone and limestone. Here are the varieties of wine: Pinot Noir, Sylvaner, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewurztraminer.